To The Bride That Had to Make Changes

To the bride that had to make changes,

It's the day each woman has dreamt about since she was a little girl. The day her and her fiancé had prayed for, planned for & put all their efforts toward for the past months. The day that was a week or a month away & the countdown was almost over. It was her wedding day and due to the Coronavirus it has been postponed or altered into something that looks different than planned.

To all those who know what we are talking about, we are sorry. We are sorry that your wedding day, which is already a stressful day to plan, has been forced to change. We know all the hard work you have put forth toward this day and we know how much it sucks that all that hard work seems to have been a waste. But we are here to tell you, it will be okay. It is okay that things aren’t going as planned, because rarely in life do things go the way we plan them. Instead of being boggled down by this circumstance, celebrate that you and your fiancé get to experience this together. Grow from this moment and season in your relationship. Learn from how you handle difficult situations. You and your fiancé get to lean on one another and come up with a plan together.

To those that have had to postpone their wedding day: We know this is tough. We know how excited you were to finally be able to see the light at the end of planning. We get it. But there is a silver-lining. There is good that can come from this. You have a longer engagement with your fiancé. Embrace this time & season with one another. Take this time to grow together and prepare even more for the next step, marriage. Lean on one another and depend on each other. 

To those who were forced to change what their wedding day looked like: This must have been a hard call to make. Having to completely change all of those plans and alter your day. Not being able to celebrate with over 10 people. We know this was a tough pill to swallow. But like everything else, there is good that comes from this. At the end of the day, you still are marrying the man of your dreams. And isn’t that really what it’s all about?? Trust us we know it’s hard... but maybe we can learn from this. Maybe we can learn that your wedding day isn’t all about the flowers, the decorations, or the impeccable food that took 2 months to get right. It’s about the moment shared between you and your new husband. It’s about bringing two souls together. And if you were able to accomplish this during a pandemic, then you go girl. We are proud of you. The food, the flowers, the decor will come and go, but the love between the two of you will be there forever.

We know this time is tough, but so are you. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Take this time to spend with your fiancé. Take this time to celebrate one another. Take this time to grow together. Embrace this moment in time, because rarely do we get to spend this much time with the ones we love. 



Molly G.

Photo: Samantha Ansley Medlin 

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